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On Net Neutrality, Why You Should Care and What You Can Do.

Everyone has the “tech guy/gal” in their family or group of friends that they refer to when they hear something on television or read an article about a computer-related topic, and want to understand it better. Apparently, in my social circle, I am the go-to guy for these inquiries and so when the topic of

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The Future of Work (and why immigrants taking your job is the least of your worries)

Hey citizens of the Internet, we need to talk. It occurs to me, as of late, that there are a lot of issues in the U.S. and around the world that folks don’t understand properly. As a result of this most recent election and the discourse around it, I’m taking some time to fill you

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Bot (R)evolution

Recently I was fortunate enough to be invited to talk about Mycroft, bots, and A.I. on the last episode of Coder Radio. The conversation between Michael, Chris, and I was great – and I found it invigorating to talk about the future of artificial intelligence, and how that will shape our interactions with our devices

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