The Bright Future of Thunderbird

Have you ever heard a politician talk about going on a listening tour? That's what I've decided to do as I start a gig as the Community Manager for Thunderbird, the popular Email, and communications client. I've decided to take in as much feedback from users of, and contributors to, the project and see if … Continue reading The Bright Future of Thunderbird

Meet the new Community Manager at System 76 (me)

Hello, everyone! I've kept the Internet in a state of suspense for long enough, so today I am proud to announce that I have joined the wonderful team at System76 - the company creating computers born to run open source software. This is a big change for me and I'd love to take the time … Continue reading Meet the new Community Manager at System 76 (me)

Kansas Linux Fest 2015

Boy, did I have a great weekend. Kansas Linux Fest 2015 was an incredible success. We had well over the 130 attendees who signed up on Eventbrite show up throughout the weekend and every single one of them brought a ton of excitement and energy to the first annual Kansas Linux Fest conference. We had … Continue reading Kansas Linux Fest 2015