Leaving System76

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Very few times in my life have I had such a hard decision. Stay at a job I love doing something I believe to be world-changing, or chase a dream, something growing in the back of my mind. For some, it is an easy choice. There are those who love the stability that a 9-5 brings, and most people don’t work in a job they love, so they would gladly cling to one they do. Were I one of those people, I wouldn’t be writing this blog post.

So I’m leaving System76, not because I dislike the place or anyone there. I love the office and everyone there, I consider many of them among my best friends. I’m also not leaving because I disagree with the mission, System76 is going to be manufacturing machines built with people like me in mind: creators, developers, engineers, all-around people who like to do big things. Pop!_OS is amazing, and I know that there will be a great deal of innovation there going forward.

So why am I leaving, you ask? The answer: a startup. I’ll talk about that briefly in an upcoming post, but I have a deep desire to build something. Unfortunately, between work, normal life chores, and spending time with friends and family, I haven’t had time to chase this dream. I am going to be working on something open source, that improves the lives of individuals and businesses trying to do big things. I determined to do that, I needed to be able to dedicate a substantial amount of time to it.

I’ll miss System76, and will continue to support them as a fan, and as a user. I’ll also be lurking around their online communities, like the new Pop!_Chat Mattermost channel, and the Telegram channels.

As for making money, I will be offering contracting services while I spin up my new venture (you know, so I can eat). This includes PR and Community Building services. So if you are a company that wants to build a community around your project, product, or company mission – shoot me an Email, or check out my “Hire Me” page.

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