Leaving Mycroft

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Today I am sharing the news that I will be leaving Mycroft AI, Inc. I love my team and have thoroughly enjoyed working on the project, but have decided to pursue other ventures.

Some may be worried about what the future holds for Mycroft, as I’ve had many tell me they consider me to be the face of the project. However, the project is licensed under the GPLv3 and will continue regardless of the direction of Mycroft, the company. Additionally, the company will continue to receive leadership from CEO Joshua Montgomery, who is the majority owner.

I would like to share my deep sense of gratitude to my development team and the motivated community members who have helped along the way. The Mycroft project would not have been possible without the immense sacrifice of those who have given their free time and volunteered their abilities, simply because they believed in the project.

I would like to clarify that my work with open source projects is far from over. I have already identified some projects to which I plan to lend my time. I will be working to promote these projects and helping build vibrant communities around them.

Thanks for reading, and as always you can hit me up on Twitter with your comments.

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