For those of you who have been following me for a while may have noticed that as of late I’ve been quite busy promoting a project of mine. Not to “toot my own horn”, but my efforts appear to have been quite successful. The project I’m talking about is, as you may have guessed from the title of this post: Mycroft, the Artificial Intelligence for Everyone. The project successfully funded on Kickstarter and is now under active development.

We’ve thanked a bunch of people throughout the campaign, but I would personally like to thank my friends, family, and those in the open source community that have helped push Mycroft from a pet project to a full-blown company built around open source. I do not take those who helped us get here for granted, and I hope to work with my team and the community around Mycroft to provide a unique and powerful experience for our fans.

Beyond that, this has been a chance to grow both personally and professionally. I love that I’ve been given the chance to wear many different hats and fulfil multiple roles through Mycroft. From CTO to Community Manager to PR Person, it has been amazing. I’ve got to meet people who I’ve long respected and envied, and talk to journalists whose content I enjoy every day. This experience thus far has grown my self-confidence and encouraged me to encourage others to follow their dreams and ideas, as it is an amazing ride.

My team has been amazing as well. I have to credit project lead and CEO Josh Montgomery for having such great vision, and being an equally great mentor. CFO Kris Adair for guiding such a chaotic process during the Kickstarter, and really leading that effort to now keeping us all in check. Derick Schweppe for his awesome vision for Mycroft, leadership, and talents he has offered to the project. Zach Spears’ contribution as the videographer and all-around idea man, willing to fill any role needed deserves a lot of credit. Alejandro Seoane, whose design talents and passion I really respect, can’t wait to share a drink in-person with him.

Since the end of the campaign we’ve added brilliant Arron Atchison, whose knowledge and drive I envy, as our resident sysadmin. There is Jonathan D’Orleans, another brilliant individual, seemingly fearing no challenge and quite possibly one of the most intelligent people I know, playing the role of developer on our team. And Sean Fitzgerald, who despite being a sought after by well known projects and an incredible engineer with a past of impressive projects, has performed a leadership role both in the Mycroft community and on the development team that is indescribable in its value.

I can’t imagine working with a better team, and I look forward to the future with a high level of optimism. We face development and engineering challenges that plenty of projects have attempted with mixed success. But I am certain that we have something special that will allow us to succeed and show that open source has something amazing to offer in this space. I’m also certain that this is only the beginning of the exciting tale of Mycroft.

Thanks for reading!

If you still need to order a Mycroft for yourself, you can do so here. If you would like to read more awesome posts, check out the Mycroft blog. Finally, you can help contribute to the project by joining our community.

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